Reference Manual


conf - network configuration and testing summary
netcfg ifn
netstat [i]
ping host [size]
tcp host [port]
udp host [string]


Command diag runs the diagnostic test script diag.txt and prints information about the system to device STDOUT.

The script can also be invoked by clicking menu item Help, Diagnostics and then waiting 20-30 secs for the script to complete. The results will be written to file info.txt in the current directory.

Command netcfg displays a network configuration dialog box for interface ifn.

Command netconf displays Windows TCP/IP settings for all NAT32 Adapters.

Command netstat displays network status information.

The ping command is used to test reachability of any host via the NAT32 network interfaces.

Command tcp is used to establish a NAT32 TCP connection to the specified host and port.

Command udp sends a single NAT32 UDP packet containing string to the Echo Port at a specified host.

Command wincfg displays Windows Adapter Bindings.

netcfg, netstat, ping, tcp, udp