Reference Manual


netstat - display network status

gwstat - display gateway status

netstat [i | g | r | t | a]
gwstat  [ifn.gwn [clear]]


Command netstat displays NAT32 network status information. With no argument, netstat displays the state of NAT32's UDP and TCP devices, and also the state of NAT32's WinSock connections.

The arguments are:

i - displays network interface statistics
g - displays gateway statistics for each interface
r - resets counters
t - displays MIB counters
a - displays interface addresses

Command gwstat is similar to netstat g but allows the gateway to be chosen, if a second gateway is available. Argument ifn.gwn specifies the interface number and the gateway number (1 or 2). Argument clear resets traffic counters.

netcfg, routes, Gateway Selection, tcp clear