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ping - send ICMP echo requests
ping  host [size] [interval]


Command ping sends a series of four ICMP ECHO requests to a specified host. Argument host must be either an IP address or a fully-qualified DNS name. Argument size specifies the number of data bytes to be sent (default 32). Argument interval specifies the time in msec beteen successive packetst (default 1000 msec).

For each ICMP ECHO Response received, ping prints the number of bytes received, the IP address of the host which sent the response, the elapsed time (in msec) since sending the request, and the ICMP sequence number of the response.

Finally, a summary of how many packets were sent and received and the loss rate is printed.

Ping uses the NAT32 Network Interface(s).

The host argument can be a dot followed by just the host portion of any IP address on the current interface as set with the set ifn command.
A similar shortcut can be used in any command that calls function name2ip.

If only Winsock networking is available, the command winh ping host should be used.

arp, arping, icmap, ns, settings, udp