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web - display a URL or file in a browser window
web   url
webf  filename
webx  file.rss | file.xml
webcb base


Command web fetches a specified url after checking file block.ini for permission. The specified URL must be well-formed, as no URL cracking is done in this release. The web page is displayed in a Browser Object embedded in a child window of the current window. If no such object exists, the page is displayed in a System Browser window.

Command webcb renders the current Clipboard contents in the current Browser window. Argument base is the Base URL to be used to resolve relative links in the data.

Command webf fetches the file specified by filename and displays it as above. The specified file name must be located in the NAT32 htm directory, although relative path specifications are allowed.

Command webx fetches the specified file and passes it to the script rss.tcl for parsing. The script outputs html code that can be displayed in any browser. Note that the filename must have the extension .rss or .xml.

URL Examples:

Filename Examples:


If no url is specified, the web command displays a usage message and returns to its caller.

To switch between the Console display and the Web display, click the Switch icon or press F2.

To enable the active content feature, pages must be fetched from NAT32's Web Server.


NAT32 uses the standard IE11-based web browser object to display web content because it is the only Microsoft browser object presently available on all platforms. The new Chromium-based WebView2 will be used on Windows 10 platforms in a future release.
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