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Elevation required softap.exe - interact with the Windows Virtual WiFi Adapter  

nat32.exe - configure and run NAT32 as a Software Access Point (SoftAP)

nat32 aDlv

The NAT32 application, when started with the above argument string, examines the Windows TCP/IP configuration and generates the nat32.ini and ifn.ini files required by NAT32 for SoftAP support. On successful configuration, the program will start the SoftAP and allow users to connect to it.
The machine must be fully connected in the desired configuration at the time NAT32 runs. Otherwise, the exact configuration cannot be determined without user intervention.

The argument options are defined as follows:

a Auto-configure (normal mode)
A Auto-configure (check mode)
d Uninstall the WinPkFilter driver
D Install the WinPkFilter driver (if necessary)
l Use the first available LAN adapter as the Internet interface
L Use the first available connected LAN adapter as the Internet interface
w Use the WiFi adapter as the Internet interface
v Use the Virtual WiFi adapter as the Private interface
r Include RAS support
Once NAT32 has been configured, a small GUI interface program softap.exe can be used to interact with the SoftAP. That program allows the SoftAP to be started and stopped, and configuration changes to be made.

Autoconfiguration, as described above, will only take place if the file nat32.ini does not exist.

NAT32, SoftAP