[10. January, 2018]  The NAT32 Version 2.2 IP Router now fully supports User Mode sharing of OpenVPN connections.

[10. January, 2018]  NAT32 will even run on Windows 8.1 with Bing on mini PCs like the PiPO X7

[8. February, 2017]  Read about how NAT32 protects your entire network against unwanted content.

[17. December, 2015]  Read about how NAT32 can be auto-configured to run as a Software Access Point (SoftAP).

Sample Configuration
[23. July, 2016] The NAT32SR Whitepaper describes the features and benefits of supplementary IP routers in home and office networks.

[18. March, 2018] NAT32 Version 2.2 Build 22284 is available here.

[25. October, 2016] Build 22260 for Windows XP and ReactOS is now available for download. [12. April, 2015] How To ...   [10. January, 2018] Help ...

[29. April, 2016] Builds 22248 and later are fully Windows 10 compatible, with the exception of Windows 10 S.
[7. February, 2017] Try this block list if you have Windows 10 privacy and update concerns.

[8. February, 2017] The WinPkFilter Driver is required for full functionality.

NAT32 Latest: Check your configuration for cross-site scripting vulnerability with these XSS Tests.