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wtrace  - Interact with the Network Trace window

wstrace - Interact with the Wireshark Trace mechanism [Wireshark Trace] [FritzBox Trace]


wtrace  [open | close | on | off | allow | block | clear | save | mark | [filter port] | e|E | n|N]
wstrace [open | close | [on [ifn] [w]] | [off [ifn]] | pause | resume | [filter port]]
start wireshark



The Trace window displays network traffic in real time. The window can be opened with argument open, or closed with argument close.

When the trace window is open, the following arguments are valid:

Argument on turns tracing on; argument off turns tracing off.

Argument block immediately blocks all traffic on all interfaces; argument allow immediately restores traffic flow.

Argument clear clears the trace window; argument save writes the contents of the window to file trace.txt.

Argument mark writes a numbered checkpoint message to the trace window.

Argument filter_port is a TCP port number for which traffic should never be displayed. It is used to prevent packet storms which would otherwise occur when Remote Desktop software is used to interact with NAT32. The default value is 3389, which is the TCP port number used by Microsoft's RDP and Terminal Server clients.

Argument E turns the display of Ethernet addresses on; e turns it off.

Argument N turns the display of Next Hop addresses on; n turns it off.

The wstrace command is used to trace network traffic with Wireshark. Note that because NAT32 has full access to all network interfaces, including WLAN, WWAN, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth, USB, RAS Client and RAS Server interfaces, Wireshark is able to display traffic to which its standard driver (WinPcap) has no access.
A sample trace window is shown below:

Trace window sample

The meaning of each field in the trace output is documented in the Help dialog box.

Because trace output is generated and displayed in real time, network throughput will be greatly reduced while a trace is active. Tracing should therefore only be activated for debugging purposes.

The Filters list-box allows a special action to be performed if a line of output contains a specified string. The action is executed on arrival of a packet, before its contents are displayed.

The Show checkboxes have the following purpose:

The Interface check boxes enable/disable tracing for specific interfaces.

The Notes groupbox displays the Port Filter currently in place.

WinPkFilter, Wireshark, WinPcap