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start - start a function listed in the NAT32 Function Table
start  func [args]+
startd func [args]+
stop name | tid


Command start retrieves the address of the specified function func from the NAT32 Function Table and then executes that function (with the specified arguments) in a separate thread. If successful, the ID of the newly created thread will be printed. The new thread will have the same name as the function, and it inherits all open devices of the parent.

Once the thread has been started, the start command returns, and the new thread continues executing concurrently until either the thread func is killed, or function func returns.

If no arguments are specified, start prints a list of available functions.

Command start can be used to restart networking daemons if they have terminated for some reason.

Command startd differs from start in that open devices of the parent (other than its standard I/O devices) are not inherited.

Command stop signals the semaphore of the specified thread. For most networking daemons, this will cause an orderly exit of the daemon.

Threads that do not wait on a semaphore are terminated via the kill command.

kill, ps