Reference Manual

socks4d - start or stop the SOCKS4 daemon
socks4d off|{on [port]}
Command socks4d on starts a NAT32 SOCKS4 daemon. The daemon listens at the specified port number or at TCP Port 1080 (the default).

Command socks4d off stops the SOCKS4 daemon. Any established connections are unaffected. New connections cannot be established.

The SOCKS4 daemon responds to TCP connection requests arriving at the Windows private IP address (not the NAT32 private IP address). This address is shown in the response to the socks4d on command.

To terminate an established session, use the command:

kill socks4p
The SOCKS4 daemon has been tested with ICQ99, FTP Voyager and several different WEB Browsers (including IE4 and Netscape).

ICQ Chat Mode is supported and FTP transfers work in non-passive mode.

SOCKS4 need only be used with applications which do not work behind a NAT or a firewall.

The maximum number of SOCKS4 sessions is currently set to 8.

The Port Number used for TCP listen requests is fixed at: 4444 + (session_number - 1)

kill socks5d