Reference Manual


snmp - invoke an SNMP shell in the current window

snmpget - fetch a specified OID

snmp agent
snmpget oid
Command snmp opens a subshell which supports the following syntax:
agent name
next [object-name]+
set [object-name type value]+

type can be: [int | counter | gauge | timeticks | str | objid | ipaddr]

Control characters are:     TAB     print next object-name
                                       ctrl-n     get next object
                                       ctrl-w     kill word

The snmp shell is used to view or set MIB variables at an agent. Variables can be partially specified, TAB will complete them. Note that only certain MIB variables are alterable.

SNMP functionality is also available in Tcl.

Command snmpget fetches a variable specified as an OID from an SNMP Agent specified in environment variable agent. For example, the OID of system.sysUpTime is: 1.3.0

The downstream and upstream OIDs for a VDSL2 modem are:  = {Gauge} 95560 # Max downstream kbps  = {Gauge} 39496 # Max upstream kbps = {Gauge} 90724 # Current downstream kbps = {Gauge} 39355 # Current upstream kbps
VDSL2 MIB details can be found here and in RFC3728.


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