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mode - set routing-only mode for an interface
mode ifn [0 | 1]
The NAT32 Router normally performs several types of mappings for traffic sent to or received from the Internet. However, in cases where an external router is used to provide such functionality, NAT32 can be used to provide adminstrative features. Full details of how to configure such a setup are given here.

The mode command can be used to force NAT32 to behave as a conventional router with no address translation or mapping features. In this mode, NAT32 accepts packets for the Internet and forwards them unchanged via the default route, which would normally point to the IP address of the external router. The NAT32 admin feature is available in this mode and can be used to throttle a private machine's traffic or even block it completely.

In routing-only mode, NAT32 sees only outgoing traffic, as incoming traffic is sent directly to the private machines by the external router.


Admin, Traffic Management
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