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identd - start or stop the IDENT daemon
identd user|off [-u]
Command identd starts or stops an IDENTD daemon that listens at TCP port 113.
Argument user must specify a user name or the special string off. In the latter case, the IDENT daemon will be terminated.

If argument -u is specified, a digit in the range 0..9 will be appended to the user string returned in each response.

The NAT32 IDENT daemon sends a postive response to all requests it receives from a client. The string user has no special significance, as the IDENT protocol is typically used to protect against IP spoofing.
Some system administrators configure Mail Servers, Telnet Servers and others to send an IDENT Request to clients. A client should respond with an IDENT Response, but most Windows systems do not run an IDENT daemon and simply respond with a TCP reset. The server then continues without delay.
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