Reference Manual


dhcpc - release or obtain network configuration details for a specified interface via DHCP
dhcpc ifn [release | test]
Command dhcpc with option release releases the DHCP-supplied configuration details for interface ifn. All routing table references to the interface are removed and the interface becomes inoperative. IP Address Mapping is turned off and the Port Mapping Table is cleared.

Command dhcpc without option release or test will contact a DHCP server via the specified interface. If successful, appropriate routing table entries will be added and IP Address Mapping and Port Mapping will be turned on.

Command dhcpc with option test sends a DHCP DISCOVER on interface ifn and waits for 2 seconds to gather responses. The IP address of each responding server is printed and the number of responses is recorded. This command can be used to test for listening DHCP servers on a given network.

If the interface is being shared by NAT32 and Windows, command dhcpc can be used to update the NAT32 configuration after Windows has obtained a new configuration.

Because NAT32 monitors Windows DHCP-assigned details, the user will seldom need to use this command.

A DHCP lease can be renewed at any time. It is not mandatory that the lease be first released.

When a lease IS released, NAT32 notifies the DHCP server, unlike many other implementations, which do NOT notify the server in this case. Unfortunately, the DHCP specification (RFC 2131) is not clear on this issue.

dhcpd, ipcfg, netcfg, route, routes